Our History

On February 9, 1997, Rev. Carl Tilghman and a group of baptized believers made a conscious and willing decision under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to form a new church.  God-inspired through Rev. Tilghman, the mission, New Hope Baptist Church of Prince George’s County was born.


On February 9, 1997, Rev. Tilghman shared his vision and the purpose of God’s Church.  He was duly and unanimously elected as Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church.  Michael Prince and Verna Archer were called by the body to become New Hope Baptist Church’s first Deacons.  Brother Prince and Sister Archer were also the first Deacons ordained at New Hope.

On February 16, 1997, New Hope Baptist Church experienced its first Sunday school class and worship service at Andrews Air Force Base Malcolm Grow Medical Center Auditorium.  At the conclusion of the service, Rev. Tilghman extended an invitation to the “Kingdom” and invited all who so desired to become members of the New Hope Baptist Church.  Twenty-six (26) individuals came forth to join New Hope that day.

Shortly after formation, New Hope Baptist Church of Prince George’s County requested and became a mission church of Kent Baptist Church of Landover, Maryland, under the pastorate of Reverend Reynold Carr.  Under Reverend Carr, New Hope was presented and accepted into the Prince George’s Baptist Association.  Director of Missions at that time was Ron Rogers.

In October 1997, New Hope Baptist Church of Prince George’s County became legally incorporated by the State of Maryland as a non-profit entity under its own Charter, Constitution and By-laws.

During the next two years, New Hope held worship services and other activities at Andrews Air Force Base, the Ramada Hotel of Oxon Hill and the Knights of Columbus, Fort Washington.

In February 1999, New Hope leased the property at 11101-D Indian Head Highway.  Upon completion of renovation, May 1999, the doors opened for the first wedding of the church between Michael and Georgette Littlejohn.  The first service was held the next day in our temporary home for New Hope Baptist Church of Prince George’s County.


New Hope’s first Vacation Bible School was held on Saturday, June 28, 1997 at the Oxon Hill Staff Development Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland.  This one-day event was very successful -- incorporating the entire VSB curriculum as well as lunch and a closing picnic.  This event became the VBS tradition for New Hope.  In June 2000 VBS became a two-day event, adding a Friday evening session to the agenda. 


The Tutoring Ministry of New Hope Baptist Church was launched during the 2001-2002 school year as an effort of Church School to assist our children and youth with their homework and other study needs. 


October 5 – 8, 2001—Prince George’s Baptist Association sponsored a team of four (4) from New Hope to conduct Church School training in several Southern Baptist churches in Jackson, Mississippi.  The team consisted of Pastor Carl Tilghman, Deacon Joan Tilghman, Ruth Wilson and Mildred Woodhouse (Church School Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent)


In April 2004, New Hope’s first Building Committee and Building fund were established.


November 12 –19, 2005 Mission of HOPE (Helping Our People Everywhere) to Biloxi, Mississippi

  • The HOPE Team —sponsored and supported by the New Hope Family and other families, friends and community organizations.  Collected and shipped over 2500 pounds of food and clothes prior to the Team’s departure.

  • The HOPE Team consisted of 4 from New Hope  (Pastor Tilghman, Faye Bland, Ruth Wilson and Mildred Woodhouse) and 1 from Kettering Baptist Church (Esther B. Adegbile) 

 The team assisted with the clean-up and distribution of food and clothes to victims of Katrina.


June 24-27, 2009 New Hope sponsored its first major College Tour for High School Students.

With the generous support of members and friends of New Hope Baptist, eleven (11) high school students and five (5) chaperones were blessed with a great opportunity to tour 8 colleges in four days:  Bowie State University, Salisbury University, Delaware State University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Hampton University, Old Dominion University, Virginia State University and Virginia Union University.


On November 20, 2009, New Hope purchased property for the forthcoming new home at 13011 Indian Head Highway, Ft. Washington, MD  20745.  The property consists of four lots with a total acreage of 6.329.


January 31, 2014, the concept drawings for the 5000-square foot edifice were reviewed for approval to begin the final permitting process.  In 2015, due to inhibitive increases in the cost to complete the building project, construction was placed on indefinite hold.

New Hope has ordained seven (7) Deacons and currently two (2) are serving in the Deacon Family Ministry.  In 2015 the Deaconess Ministry was formed -- consecrating Judy Johnson and Lena Prior.  In addition, New Hope offers ministries for Church School, Evangelism, Women on Missions, Ushers, Communications and Music (three choirs).  The ministries of Trustee, Finance, Advisory Council and Administration support the Pastorate in leading the church.


In giving visible form to its faith, since its inception, New Hope offers scholarships to its high school graduates.  New Hope is an active member of SBC and has contributed faithfully to the BCMD and the Prince George’s Baptist Association since our inception as part of the Cooperative World mission. 

Those who experienced natural disasters of flooding and hurricanes in North Carolina, Biloxi, Mississippi, La Plata, Maryland and New Orleans have been benefactors of New Hope  ministries.  Each third Saturday of the month, until 2017 New Hope ministered to the homeless at the Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV)  New Hope provided feeding, clothing, fellowship and evangelism to 125 or more residents of the shelter –January through October.  The Addison Road Men’s Shelter and Shepherd's Cove (shelter for women and children) both of Capitol Heights, MD are also recipients of New Hope’s mission to minister to the homeless.  During the winter months, New Hope provides Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets within the community as well as assist with the Warm Nights Program, in partnership with the Prince George’s churches that serve as homeless shelters during the cold months). 

The Evangelism ministry has witnessed to over 4,,000 homes and thousands more on the streets and in shopping centers.  In collaboration with the Prince George’s Baptist Association and local churches, we have witnessed and provided services at the Prince George’s Fair and Easter Sunrise Services in Fort Washington Park. The evangelism ministry has worked in collaboration with the Oxon-Hill Boys and Girls Club for College Fairs and fundraisers for the club.  The Women on Missions has offered women retreats that have been venues of freedom and praise for women in the local and distant vicinity that say, “You ought to have been there” … and God is not through with us yet.


In 2014 New Hope experienced the going home of two of the five founding members who achieved their sunset since our inception.  Joining Music Director Gwendolyn Dean, Mother Hilda Layne, and Trustees Jesse Jones were Trustee Alvin Archer and Deacon Verna Archer. For each we give God thanks for placing them in this body of Christ.


In 2016, Reverend Melvin Hall became New Hope’s first Assistant Pastor


In March of 2016, Sister Joan Hall announced her call to ministry and preached her trial sermon in June.  Minister Hall was licensed by New Hope as Minister of the Gospel. 


In March of 2016, Madison Littlejohn won third place, in her age group, in the Prince George’s County Clergymates Oratorical Contest.


In April of 2016, New Hope’s Male Chorus made its debut.

In November of 2016 and 2017, New Hope, in conjunction with The Underserved Minorities (TUMS), gave out 370  turkeys as an evangelistic ministry to provide turkey as the main course for Thanksgiving meal and Jesus as the main cause for Thanksgiving. 


In June of 2018 New Hope and Fort Washington Baptist combined their efforts to assist Ellicott City’s flood victims


A generous supply of water, cleaning products, etc. was collected.  Combined with our collected items were care packages donated by the Atmosphere Academy Charter School of Bronx, NY.  The students were on a field trip to Washington, D.C. and as a “Missions Project” had prepared care packets with handwritten notes of encouragement to hand out to the homeless.  When the trip sponsors heard about our outreach efforts to Ellicott City, they decided to combine their items with ours.  The delivery to Ellicott City was arranged by Fort Washington Baptist Church.


In October of 2018 New Hope combined their efforts with several other PGBA churches in the Flip Flop Mission for men, women and children of Rwanda/East Democratic Congo.

Through the generous offerings of several PGBA churches, New Hope was able to give witness to God’s Love and how God provides as we collected over 800 pairs of flip flops and shipping cost for the shoe-less adults and children of Rwanda and East Democratic Congo. 

Attention to the Rwanda/East Democratic Congo crisis was revealed to our congregation from our Missions Day speaker, Evangelist Octavia Caldwell, who had recently returned from Rwanda.  Her message revealed the serious need for adults and children to have footwear.  New Hope and other PGBA churches and organizations joined the mission "God Will Provide" and collected and shipped over 800 flip flops.


In January of 2019 New Hope made “Visible the Reality of the Kingdom of God” through the mission “So Our Friends May Eat”. 

Several members of the New Hope Family were affected by the Government Shutdown.  With the generosity of New Hope members and friends, 25 food boxes (including gift cards) were prepared for members and friends of the community who were affected by the Government Shutdown.

“Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard of the great things God has in store” for New Hope.